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Mare e Monti North: Calvi - Cargese sportive version

11 days / 10 nights
Corsica - Independent walking
Without guide - No Luggage transfer

Last updated: 12/12/2021

price from 760 € per pers.

Walk the one of the most famous trails in Corsica, the full Mare e Monti, from Calvi to Cargèse. Spend 11 days on Corsican paths and in the middle of splendid landscapes.

Starting from the coastline, you will walk inland and discover the heart of the Isle of Beauty.

For a 7-day version of the Mare e Monti North (nights in gîtes), click here.
For a 7-day version of the Mare e Monti North (nights in double bedrooms), click here.
For an 11-day version of the Mare e Monti North with luggage transfers included, click here.

WARNING: Temperatures can get quite high during summer.

Your day by day program

From Calvi to Bonifatu

Meet in Calvi in the morning. Transport options to get to Calvi: the airport, the port and the train.
Transfer to Calenzana, otherwise known as the land of olive trees. You will start your walking tour from Bonifatu.
During this first stage, you will cross beautiful rivers and get magnificent views over the traditional Balagne region.

Duration: approximately 4h05.
Height gain: 800m.
Height loss: 540m.

From Bonifatu to Montestremo

After breakfast, you will leave Bonifatu and hike through mystical oak and pine tree forests. You will climb uphill to a mountain pass and then descend to a forest and cross other little streams. Once you arrive in Tuarelli, you will be able to enjoy swimming in the peaceful waters of the area's natural pools.

Duration: 7h30 hours.
Height gain: 1100m.
Height loss: 1400m.

From Montestremo to Galeria

Today's hike will take you to the Gulf of Galeria and its sublime coastline. You will walk through farmlands and agricultural areas, delimited by stone walls, and plunge into the fragrant and famous Corsican scrubland. You will also come across juniper and strawberry trees, and walk alongside a river before reaching old shepherds' huts and then Galéria. Once there, you will be able to have a relaxing swim at the beach, in the evening.

Walking: 5h45.
Height gain: 500m.
Height loss: 600m.

From Galeria to Girolata

Today’s stage will take you to the heart of the Scandola Natural Reserve, a site which has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The beautiful coves, turquoise waters and the differently shaped rock formations will offer you truly unique landscapes.
As for Girolata, it is an enchanting little fishing village only accessible on foot or by boat, and a heavenly place for hikers. There, you will be able to go for a swim in majestic coves and enjoy eating freshly caught fish for dinner, in a restaurant next to the beach.

Walking: 5 hours.
Height gain: 900m.
Height loss: 900m.

From Girolata to Curzu

As you walk along a coastline path called the ‘sentier des douaniers’, you will come across several crests, which will offer you great panoramic views over the rest of the island. You will finally arrive in Curzu, where you will spend the night.

Walking: 6h30.
Height gain: 1300m.
Height loss: 1200m.

An alternative and easier walk is also available for this particular stage. Duration: approximately 5 hours.

From Curzu to Serriera

Your journey will take you to the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Porto. You will cross a river and discover the now desolate village of Pinetu. You will also be able to discover the beach of Bussaglia, which has often been described as the most beautiful beach in the Gulf of Porto. Finally, you will end today’s walk by stopping in Porto's famous port for the night.

Walking: 4h40.
Height gain: 565m.
Height loss: 878m.

From Serriera to Ota

Walk to inland territories and leave Serriera by crossing a footbridge that will lead you to walk in the direction of a chestnut tree forest.
You will soon reach Ota, your destination point for today's stage.

Duration: 6h45.
Height gain: 990m.
Height loss: 650m.

From Ota to Marignana

Start today's journey by crossing a superb Genovese bridge that will lead you to walk into the heart of the Spelunca Gorge. Continue your walk by crossing another Genovese bridge and by enjoying a swim in the gorge's crystal-clear waters. After walking through the enchanting little village of Evisa, you will get to discover the forgotten hamlet of Tassu before reaching Marignana.

Duration: 5 hours.
Height gain: 650m.
Height loss: 260m.

From Marignana to E Case

After leaving Marignana, walk through the undergrowth and enter a forest of majestic chestnut trees. You will then come close to the ruins of an ancient smokehouse, before crossing a little stream and reaching the shepherds' huts of Casta. While you make your way through maquis-shrouded hills, the village of E Case will quickly come into sight.

Duration: 6h30.
Height gain: 610m.
Height loss: 720m.

WARNING: you will not be able to have access to your luggage during this particular stage.

From E Case to Cargèse

Walk amidst wild strawberry trees, laden with yellow and bright red fruits. Numerous panoramic views are to be admired from the Gulf of Chiuni, during today's stage. After walking past the shepherds' huts of Santa Lucia and a little stream, you will arrive in Lozzi and then Cargese, your destination point.

Duration: 5 hours.
Height gain: 380m.
Height loss: 910m.


After breakfast, enjoy swimming at the beach in Cargese.
Buses from Cargèse go to Ajaccio and Porto.

Departure board

Every day from the end of April to the end of September.

Technical information

Fact sheet
Starting point
  • Calvi. Private transfer from Calvi to Calenzana in the morning.
  • Cargèse on day 8, after breakfast.
  • Nights in gîtes.
Number of people
  • From 2.
Level of difficulty
  • You will need to be in good physical condition and used to walking regularly. Duration: from 3h30 to 6h30 a day.
  • Luggage transfers are not included in this tour.
  • 7 nights in double bedrooms : 170€
  • IGN map 1:25000 : 42€
  • Evening meals, breakfasts, accommodation (shared bedrooms), information package with maps and route notes, 24-hour local assistance.
Not included
  • Transport options to the meeting point and from the point of dispersal, luggage transfers, transfers which are not included in the tour, personal travel insurance, beverages, visits of tourist sites, optional activities which are not included in the tour, personal expenses.

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